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Heritage and education

The fishermen’s house

A structuring tool at the service of a profession

A casa di i Piscaiù, inaugurated on June 2, 2016, the day of the fishermen’s patron saint’s day, reflects the municipality’s desire to reaffirm the importance of fishing in Bonifacio’s DNA. After 15 months of work, this project is the result of consultation with the Prud’homie de Bonifacio and all the financial partners involved.

The major development works of the Port undertaken between 2012 and 2013 have led to the modification of the water body and the requalification of the historic district of Saint Erasmus, dedicated for centuries to fishing activities. It seemed appropriate to make a success of the appropriation by this profession on this new site located at Orto Duzzi, better adapted to today’s fishing activities.

The profession represents an economic and identity challenge. This project holds the promise of perpetuating this profession and the Bonifacian traditions.

About twenty fishermen and SNSM volunteers take advantage of this space designed by architects Isabelle Buzzo, from Bonifacio, and her partner Jean-Philippe Spinelli. Ambitious, they saw beyond the initial program. They allow fishing professionals to benefit from 300 square metres of space equipped with administrative offices, a reception room, boxes, an ice machine, outdoor areas, a sales area, an esplanade with a breathtaking view of the citadel and parking spaces.

By its innovative character which will leave a historical imprint on the marine district, “A CASA DI I PISCAIÙ” at the ORTU DUZZI is a tool at the service of the greatest number of people.

Thanks to the co-funders of this project for a total amount of €1,249,439.39: Europe, the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, the Corsican Environment Office and the companies that participated in its construction.


School sailing

Building on its success, the sailing activity at school will continue this year again. Set up by Denise Faby, Assistant for School Affairs; Denis Lopez, Assistant Delegate for Sport and Community Life and Jean Piro, Municipal Councillor for Port Activities. The latter saw the strong educational value of this activity, which will allow Bonifacian students to discover their maritime heritage while participating in a sporting activity.