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Rich in history and proud of its modernity
The port of Bonifacio, surrounded by its gully protected by its enveloping cliffs, is a reference marine port of call in the Mediterranean welcoming more than 10,000 passing boats every year.
Most of its territory remains under high protection with the active participation of the Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve and the International Marine Park. Located at a maritime crossroads between Sardinia and Italy, with an exceptional geographical and geological situation. Its medieval city, flanked by a rocky spur, seems eternal…

Our commitment is to allow as many people as possible to access the Bonifacio marina, here are the two key measures that have been taken:
– The berths are only allocated after an online booking with or No reservation is taken by phone.
– In very high season (from August 1 to 25), reservations are limited to 1 night for boats under 18 meters and 2 nights for others.
Do not hesitate to visit the Bonifacio Tourist Office website to plan your activities during your stay