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Bonifacio is located in the extreme south of Corsica. Its territory covers 13800 ha of woods, scrubland, old olive groves and abandoned vineyards. The limestone soil of Bonifacio extends over a depth of 7kms over an area of 5000ha. Suddenly, towards the Trinity, it becomes granitic and we witness the union of the grey granite with the dazzlingly white limestone. In this town, which is the “most southern in France”, Mother Nature’s fantasies are surprising: a cliff looks like a sailor’s hat, the opening of a sea cave faithfully reproduces the contours of Corsica….
Bonifacio is one of the few maritime towns with an extraordinary asset. Because of its geographical location, it has two maritime façades: east and west: about 65 km of coastline, creeks, gulfs, coves and beaches. The city is built on a peninsula 1500 m long and 200 m wide and is only connected to the land by the very narrow isthmus of Saint Roch. Its latitude corresponds roughly to that of Rome or Barcelona; its population, the bonifaciens, is 3280 inhabitants at the last INSEE census.

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Medieval citadel of Bonifacio

Be sure to visit and discover these historic sites and monuments, each more rewarding and unusual than the last.
Descend the famous 189 steps of the Escalier du Roy d’Aragon, discover the famous Bastion and its breathtaking views, appreciate and contemplate the purity and serenity of the Marine Cemetery, observe the strait of the Bouches de Bonifacio from the semaphore of Bonifacio, look at the citadel of Bonifacio from the sacred place of the Trinity… You will be seduced!

Religious heritage of Bonifacio

The picturesque capital of Corsica is not only distinguished by its exceptional natural heritage, it also has a great religious wealth.
It is impossible to discover the citadel without entering one of the 5 churches in Bonifacio, all of which have a very different character and architecture (Romanesque, Gothic or neo-Byzantine).
If you continue on your way, you will discover hidden behind the fortifications, the marine cemetery of Bonifacio, a place of peace and meditation which has the claim to offer a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and Sardinia. But this is not the only place that will offer you such views, in fact, a few minutes from Bonifacio is the Hermitage of the Trinity, an ancient monastery perched at an altitude of 200 metres that proudly overlooks the Bouches de Bonifacio, offering an exceptional panorama.
Religious life in Bonifacio is very marked, it represents the city but also its inhabitants who contribute and participate actively in it. Indeed, the inhabitants of Bonifacio are often members of one of the 5 brotherhoods that animate the town.

Guided tours of Bonifacio

Bonifacio is a city with a thousand faces, in turn Pisan, Genoese and now French. The citadel keeps in memory precious moments of history that Pierre and Nela, guides of the Tourist Office, will make you relive with passion and delight during several thematic guided tours offered throughout the year.
The guides can also put together a tailor-made tour to discover, in all languages, all the treasures of our beautiful city!

The fishermen’s house

A structuring tool at the service of a profession

A casa di i Piscaiù reflects the commune’s desire to reaffirm the importance of fishing in the DNA of Bonifacio. This project is the result of consultation with the Prud’homie de Bonifacio and all the financial partners involved. The major development work in the port undertaken between 2012 and 2013 led to changes in the water level and to the re-qualification of the historic district of Saint Erasmus, which has been dedicated to fishing activities for centuries. It seemed appropriate to succeed in appropriating this site located at the Orto Duzzi, which is better suited to today’s fishing activities.

The profession represents an economic and identity issue. This project holds the promise of perpetuating this profession and the traditions of Bonifacio.
Some twenty fishermen and SNSM volunteers will benefit from this space designed by architects Isabelle Buzzo, a native of Bonifacio, and her partner Jean-Philippe Spinelli. Ambitious, they saw further than the initial programme. They have allowed the fishing professionals to benefit from 300 square metres fitted out with administrative offices, a reception room, boxes, an ice machine, outdoor spaces, a sales area, an esplanade with an unobstructed view of the citadel and parking spaces.
With its innovative character, which will leave a historical mark on the Marine district, “A CASA DI I PISCAIÙ” at ORTU DUZZI is a tool at the service of the greatest number of people.
We would like to thank the co-financiers of this project for a total amount of €1,249,439.39: Europe, the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development and the Corsican Environmental Office.