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Bonifacio harbour


Bonifacio is located at a maritime intersection between Sardinia and Italy, with a rare geographic and geological situation. Its medieval city, flanked on a rocky spur seems eternal. It is one of the most beautiful settings in Mediterranean.
Bonifacio has an extraordinary nature. The majority of its territory is highly protected thanks to the active participation of two organizations: Natural Reserve of Bonifacio strait and the International Marine Park. Its cliffs are currently undergoing classification for UNESCO world heritage list.

Stopover in Bonifacio

With a 170 berths capacity for short stays, we can guarantee availability eleven months a year. August is the busiest period, indeed, but the use of the Catena bay mooring allows us to offer 60 spaces for short stay ships close to the marina.

Port access

Sheltered from all kind of winds, its narrow offers a natural harbor which has been landscaped throughout the centuries. The marina has recently been refurbished and has now brand new amenities (docks, networks, WIFI…).
Our pricing policy falls within a specific approach with an ALL INCLUSIVE package : water/electricity, showers, WIFI, diving interventions and electric plugs are all free of charge.

Practical Port

Le port de Bonifacio a été en tête du palmarès 2014 de Voile Magazine, le port de Bonifacio a été classé dans le top 5 des ports de Méditerranée et 1er port de Corse pour la qualité de son accueil et de ses services.

Pictures / Videos

The port of Bonifacio in pictures and videos

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