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Instructions crew

Bonifacio, access


in the port

41°23, 2 N-009°9, 8 E, SHOM map 7024 – 7096 Navimap 1008
Access is easy both day and night whatever the weather
At night :

  • with the Madonetta lighthouse at F.i.r 4s (41°23, 1N-009°08,8 E) head for
    f.r.2 w.6s to the port side with the Arinella headland at 035-059 (24); Cacavato headland F.e.v 4s starboard.
  • Predominant winds are west & southwest.

Navigating et contact VHF

in the port

Navigating :

  •  The maximum regulation speed in the port is 5 knots.
  • During the summer season, the heavy traffic in the port means that particular vigilance is required.

Contact : 

  • Marina – channel 9
  • Pertusato semaphore – channel 10
  • corsican CROSS (ROMRC) – channel 16 or +33 (0) 4 95 20 13 63

Provided services

water and electricity

Water :

  • a male connection (Gardena type) is required for the linking. It can be purchased in several shops around the marina.

Electricity :

  • all type of plugs can be rented at the harbor office by leaving an official document as a deposit.


de la Catena

  • Mouillage organisé : Accueil de 90 places
  • Tarif monocoque : 25 euros/nuit
  • Tarif multicoques : 50 euros/nuit

Téléchargez le règlement de police : “Rubrique téléchargements


de l’Arinella

  • Mouillage Interdit

Téléchargez l’arrêté préfectoral n°37/2011 du 9 mai 2011 : “Rubrique téléchargements

Fishing port

and marina

  • The fishing port and marina are at the far end of the bottleneck.
  • The borderline between the commercial port and the marina is determinated by the line drawn between the western end of the careening area to the north and the redan at the Banda del Ferro quay to the south.
  • Mooring in the port is done to starboard.

To the south


With 17 berths is Zulu quay:

  • 10 berths for boats between 45 and 55 meters long, equipped with two 36mm mooring lines and 125A/250A electricity terminals.
  • 7 berths for boats between 25 and 40 meters long, equipped with two 32mm mooring lines and 125A electricity terminals.
    Banda Del Ferro quay or Papa quay, located between Zulu quay and the fuel dock, offers 14 berths for boats between 20 and 35 meters long, equipped with one 32mm mooring line and 125A/63A electricity terminals.

Right after the fuel dock, to the west, November, Mike, Lima, Kilo and Juliet quays are exclusively for short-term visiting boats from 10 to 17 meters long. These docks are equipped with 18mm mooring lines and 32A electricity terminals.

The inner harbor, defined by the eastern side of the Juliet quay and the honor quay, is reserved for passenger boats (visits to the caves and the Lavezzi islands).

To the east


  • The tip of the bottleneck is closed by the honor quay.
  • Two mooring anchors can be occupied here for 65 meters boats.
  • One berth is dedicated to boats up to 75 meters and six are for boats between 25 and 35 meters long.
  • The dock is equipped with one 32mm mooring line and 125A/250A electricity terminals.

To the north


  • After the shipyard, Alpha quay offers 18 berths for boats between 10 and 25 meters long, equipped with one 24mm mooring line and 125A/63A electricity terminals.
  • The northern side is reserved for rental boats and short-term visiting ones up to 18 meters. These berths are equipped with 18mm mooring lines and 32A/63A electricity terminals.