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The Natural Reserve of Bouches de Bonifacio

The largest nature reserve in metropolitan France

The Bouches de Bonifacio, the largest nature reserve in metropolitan France, extends over 80,000 hectares between Corsica and Sardinia. In a landscape of limestone cliffs and granitic chaos, the site is home to 37% of the remarkable Mediterranean species.

There are coastal and marine environments as well as exceptional landscapes: archipelagos of Lavezzi, Cerbicale, Bruzzi or Monks, cliffs of Bonifacio, ponds of Ventilègne…

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Bonifacio marina obtains European certification

Over the last three years, nearly 200,000 euros have been invested for actions to safeguard biodiversity in the marina:

  • Environmental diagnostic study
  • Establishment of means to fight against chronic pollution: development of selective sorting, operation of a pump for wastewater …
  • Establishment of means to fight against accidental pollution: upgrading equipment, exercises …
  • Training of port staff in environmental management: clean ports, CEDRE …

“Ports Propres” is the only European certification that values an environmental approach of excellence. It is with a strong political will and the implementation of concrete actions that the Municipality of Bonifacio has committed itself to the safeguarding of biodiversity and the sustainable development of its port. Through the “Clean Ports” certification, the Port of Bonifacio has validated the only approach of Environmental Management of marinas on a European scale and materialises the will of environmental excellence carried by the Municipality.

Bonifacio Marina gets the International Blue Flag label

Bonifacio Marina on the way to environmental excellence! After the Clean Ports certification a year ago and the active certification in biodiversity, Bonifacio Marina is now holder of the Blue Flag label.

Present in 46 countries on all continents, this international label with strong tourist connotation, is the symbol of an exemplary environmental quality. The marinas with the Blue Flag label are places where the protection of the environment and the marine environment is a priority.

Bonifacio Marina is one of the 5 harbors labeled for the year 2020. These numerous recognitions concretize a strong political will and the implementation of concrete actions for the safeguard of the biodiversity and the sustainable development.
Thanks to this labeling, Bonifacio Marina becomes one of the rare French ports and the only island port to cumulate these distinctions.

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The Biohut project

Artificial habitats with ecological functions

An agreement links the port with the Corsican Environment Office and the Water Agency for the creation of an artificial habitat (BIOHUT) along the quays and under the pontoons in order to provide a refuge for post-larvae and young fish.

Biohut® is an artificial habitat that makes it possible to rehabilitate the ecological function of nursery of small rocky and sandy seabeds that have been degraded by the construction of coastal facilities (ports, outfalls, offshore wind turbines, etc.).

The process aims to restore the ecosystem nursery service.


Environmental issues

Users are reminded of the importance of taking environmental issues into consideration, in particular through the following mandatory actions:

  • Cleaning your boat with a spray gun
  • Selectively sort using the Clean Points provided for this purpose,
  • Limiting electricity consumption
  • Become actors in the fight against pollution (bunkering, use of polluting products, etc.)
  • Do not scrape the seabed with the anchor
  • Do not throw anything overboard